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Nature abhors a vacuum, cuz vacuums just suck.

I think the amount of time I've been spending online for about the last five years ho-ing after e-mails and LJ-comments and the occasional AIMer Lamer has been some subconscious attempt on my part to make up for the five or so years I spent not talking to much of anybody and "having NO friends" as some cretinous beeyotch (not on LJ) once so coughcoughkindlynot put it. At times I've felt like somebody who's well-fed and maybe even kinda full but who can't stop eating because they were in a prison camp once and can't get their mind around the concept that food is readily available now, you don't have to eat it all in one sitting or hide it up your sleeve.

Anyway I've been trying to go off and do other things, like clean the bookshelves and play mit der katzen. So far I've mostly succeeded in sleeping a lot, which I have to admit I find fun at the risk everyone else will find me boring. Are there people (plural) I can actually trust to still be A Round when I wake up? I think so. Goodness, radical concept, that.
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