no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

A Poll Named Trigger

I just found some stickers in my desk drawer while I was getting out the scissors. These particular stickers were bought to decorate a letter to a friend. I thought the friend would be happy to get the letter, and I was right. I thought the stickers would make them laugh, and again I was right. What I didn't know was that we would end up having this gigantic, unfixable conflict/ fight shortly thereafter and never speak to each other again. Although it has been quite awhile since that happened, it is still kind of annoying suddenly finding these stickers in the drawer.

Stuff like this happens to me a lot because as I have posted before, one of my bad points is that I'm really susceptible to "triggers" and associating innocuous things with bad memories. The flip side is I associate a lot of things with wonderful memories too and get immense joy out of something really insignificant if it's a Good reminder, but the issue is how best to deal with all the Bad reminders that crop up. I have always been a little awed by people who can just burn all their ex's old letters or throw out the photos. I was never able to do things that neatly, and even if I did, there'd still be 937 small things popping up around here and reminding me of them.

I was just wondering what everybody else would do in this sort of admittedly stupid situation. Please, be kind, we all have our silly little weaknesses and Thing Association is mine :)

What would you do with the stickers?

Give them away or throw them away so I wouldn't have to look at them and be reminded.
Stick them on happy things, in order to force yourself to associate them with happy memories.
Stick them on letters to current friends in order to dispel fear that the same thing will happen again (while running perhaps a small risk that it might).
Dude, these are just some freakin' STICKERS, just get over yourself already! Gah!
Other (explain in comments)
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