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Life Versus the Dream.

Yesterday I was a good citizen and reported a suspicious bag left on the Metro. I didn't see anything on the news later, so I guess that giftwrapped package really did contain a forgotten gift, rather than sarin or explosives. I told t. about it over Cali Pizza Kitchen mini-tortillas, and she reminisced about the bombs all over the Paris Metro when she was there in '95, packages left behind and set to go off two stops later, plus the nailbombs in trash cans on the street. And I recalled how none of us would go on the Millennium Wheel in London in 2000 for fear of the IRA. Then we talked about the criminal appeals we'd argued in clinic and felt all global and worldly-wise for a half hour or at least I did. But after work I left my suit in the file drawer and went to see Terminal Lovers so as not to forget about where I came from. i think I ended up in the background of some kid's home movie. Oh, I also explained Jandek to t. while I was at it.
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