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Bunnies can get grumpy. Grumpy bunnies bite!

I've been under the weather for a few days. Finally gave up and put in for "work from home". They have us working on a large project in sort of a bull-pen arrangement, and I find it difficult to get stuff done in that environment due to the lack of privacy, and when I'm sick it becomes almost impossible. After years of working in overcrowded, noisy labs I've realized that the only way I get anything done is to have an office with a door that shuts. Otherwise it's the usual problem of Too Much Input = Not Enough Concentration. The ABA recommends a pill for that sort of thing (! a pill! when the bar boards are usually ready to crucify you for popping pills...) I dunno, would YOU trust the ABA? plus, at my age I think I'll just wait for my brain batteries to run out of steam. I'm already less mentally hyperactive than I was at, say, 23.

I washed my remaining Old Man Cat last night. He's not able to super-groom anymore, and consequently his summer shed was tufting all over and making him look like an homeless person's ratty old throw rug. I combed at least a medium kitten's worth of fur off and gave him a bath, and he doesn't look too bad this morning, except he passive-aggressively took naps on some of my things last night and left them all damp and wrinkly. He didn't meow and pester as much this morning, which means he's either worn out or not as itchy or both. Yesterday he upset the lamp and mewed at me really sadly when I tried to punish him so I just said, that's it, something needs to be done.

I'm so wiped lately, it takes me like a week to compose a "real post". Not that you all care about that. I'm sure most of you would rather read about stuffing Ho-Ho's up your nose. Right, then, I'm going to go drown a few of the more annoying GBV fans on my lunch break, cheeri0.
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