no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Jandek loves you, now shaddap

I am peeved because I found out today that I missed seeing the Jandek on Corwood documentary at the Silver Theatre last night. This is what happens when you don't get around to reading the free paper for a week, kids. You miss stuff. It's probably just as well because I had to work anyway, was way too tired to haul myself up that hill from the metro stop and besides, after a long business day, Jandek music is probably the absolute last thing I need this side of a full bottle of Thunderbird. anyway, hopefully it will screen again, if not there's always the DVD release.

I always feel so personally attached to Jandek given that when we got his first records at 'RUW, several of us sat around remarking at some length on how unbelievably bad they were. Of course I played them, I was like the radio version of Mikey, I'd play anything (as long as it didn't have swear words that would make the management and my mom yell at me). That was the one and only time I got multiple calls from listeners complaining that the music sucked. I bet they've all jumped on the Jandek-is-Rad bandwagon now.
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