no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

with this thy joy and with this thy sorrow

they buried the manager's son who was killed in Iraq, and he got a big spread with photos in the washington post here (you have to register, sorry). i hadn't realized he was muslim. this war is ridiculous. i am about ready to put Nixon back into office just to get rid of the current dingbat.

and yet, apart from stuff like that, and the fact that my lower legs are about to fall off from all the running around on the constantly brokedown Metro and diseased Marc trains, I love my life right now. i love having work to do, I love being in my favorite city all day, I love all the little places to eat tortillas with black beans and dim sum, I love all the wacky pandas sitting around downtown (this year's local model of Cow Parade), I love a lot of things...people. this is the happiest I've been in two years and before that you'd prolly have to count back five.

*knocks wood* mmhmm I don't wanna jinx it
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