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before I post I'd like to thank the Academy

or at least that party who texted me a humorously convoluted Dylan lywreak at abt 3-4 am Sunday my time and thus woke me up from a complicated dream involving two friends of mine, someone else who I'm not sure is a friend or not, a beagle dressed up as a scary robot, a colony of artistic wimmen living in a craftsman bungalow dressed in denim arttowear heavily seed beaded with flowers, a treehouse next door, a circus ring in the tree above the house featuring jugglers and a knife throwing act, the White Stripes, a long string of beautiful lingams that compelled one to always tell the truth while holding or wearing it, a shady lawyer being exposed in a McCarthy-type hearing, and the city of Seattle. all very interesting but dreaming that hard in colour tires me out for the rest of the day.
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