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one-liners (public)

i actually started to do that meme a long while back where you wrote a comment for everyone on your f(r)iends list. i didn't manage to get it finished for everyone, but here are the ones i actually did get done, as i am cleaning up my desk top.
(note: if i didn't write one, it doesn't mean i dislike you. rather, it means (a) i don't know you well enough to write one, (b) i do know you well enough but wasn't able to think of anything nifty to say right now, or (c) you fall in that group of about seven people who i wrote one for but decided not to post it public for some reason - not 'cause the comment was bad or anything, i just decided not to.)

derekfz: The man I'd most like to take to Roscoe's and throw some chicken and waffles around with.

dressrehearsal: She's so quiet I usually think she hates's strangely attractive tho

evilshell: am waiting for her to promote a cat-metal band

knavishas: being in your way at the pac man console does not constitute "meeting"

lucid42day and shunthepunman: you two remind me vaguely of each other. might you be long-lost cousins or something?

lyeta: I'm shouting across great crashing waves to a ship elegant even in its wreckAGE. emphasis on the second sylLAble

mileshedgehog: Hail, fellow reformed clubgirl. I'll lend you my copy of PearlFishers' "An Ordinary Day Out In The Suburbs".

minniethemoocha: She's the kind of Libra who acts charmingly at parties. I'm the kind of Libra who hides under the bed and knits a sock. Except when we switch off.

nickyhopkins: *runs screaming from your basement*

nullskills: *winds up a miniature Frank Black and sets it loose on your desk*

poorsalparadise: Come to the U.S. and knock some sense into us, Pete Townshend stylee. That's Cool Young Pete wielding his axe I mean, not Old Pedo Pete wielding his whatever. Hey, maybe Fat Elvis wasn't so bad...

popplagid: Give him the right sweater and he could end up on girl's college dorm posters all over America. or at least in the colder states

slickidiot: I think I could hug him and he wouldn't send me a bill for it. then again, hugs berry berry scary, so I'll throw a handful of cheetohs at him instead.

waxpumpkin: the closest I get to being a faghag is riding around with you in your Gay Trucker Wig.
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