no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Saturday Night Massacre redux

Sam Dash and Archibald Cox both died. I am sad. Not so much over Cox, he was a great man, but he was also 92 and already starting to dodder when I met him about seven years ago. But Dash was a spry guy. I remember interviewing him for the 25th anniversary of Bloody Sunday. Even before that, I remember getting all gah-gah-groupie (or should I say, "fanly") on his ass when I first met him in the lunch line at my shitty school cafeteria. 95% of musicians, even 99% of politicians, don't impress me enough to say more than "hi" but a Watergate good guy is a different story.

Later I took ethics from him and I can still remember him telling us that lawyers can get away with all kinds of horrible things - lying, sleeping with the clients - but for goshsakes don't EVER commingle the clients' funds into your bank account, even innocently, even if you don't take any, because they WILL disbar you for that. Not that he was recommending lying or sleeping with clients either, of course, although he did point out that Georgetown was among the first schools to require legal ethics and John Dean got an A in it and look what happened to him. (Yeah, a lecture tour, last I looked :P)

One of his obits said he was lecturing the hospital orderlies on how awful the Patriot Act was as they wheeled him down the hall. I hope I go out half as cool as that.
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