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just playin' around with some thoughts

"I am very sure." Emma swiveled and tripped lightly down the terrace steps until she stood at the entrance to the rose garden. In her mind's eye she saw herself as a young and desperate girl, and she recalled the day she had told Edwin she was pregnant, and remembered his repudiation of her as clearly as if it had happened yesterday.
"And destroy this garden," she said icily. "Demolish it completely. I don't want one rosebud, one single leaf left growing."

how I do love that chapter and that particular passage. I wonder what grows in its place? makes me think of the destroyed rose garden at Trinity, with Blackwell's Great Roomfull of Books lurking and droning underneath where it used to be.

if I didn't know
where the roses grow
then I wouldn't know
where the roses grow.
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