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ain't no 'tenshun ho

whoa the grandiflora popped into bloom and I actually noticed it this year. i bet it's been 5 yrs since i paid attn. aaaaand it's been more than a year since the other so i'm done Greeving. but sometimes (like this very sunny evening looking out at GREENNESS OVERLOAD! and an overabundance of !lilypads!) it still strikes me w/ surprise. hey, you're dead!! which means i don't have to miss you as much anymore b/c you're more Here than you were for such a long time. maybe by now you don't mind me being with Whatsisname so much either, because at least you always know where I am too?

can't believe we took those pics almost 20 years ago (19 to be exact)...I suspect I'm looking for that 20-year-old me, the one in the pix before, well, Everything that happens when yr trying to make other plans. no i'm not going to post them, don't wish to be (perceived as) making any st00pid statements about Oh I used to be young and purty, see, see, whatfuckingEVER, I hate that shit, I hate fishy fishing ppl. me's not for everybody, just for Me. or, if I'm feeling generous, just for Us.

I know you'd like all the lilypads. You always liked everything I wanted to show you. Except yr "competition" :P
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