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The ANTHRAX! (pronounce that like the AFLACK! duck) was a false alarm and didn't get me. So I lived to complain another day about Missy Elliott's lipz. yeah, some of you are prolly disappointed that I din't die. Get over it, or Under it, Whatever ;)

still just a'turning the ol' crank at work. the Summer Associates are coming! to arms! to arms! Summer associates, God love 'em. At a place like this, every third one was the personal assistant to a Clinton or Kennedy, or covered the war in Beirut from a foxhole, or singlehandedly reformed U.S. health care. If I'd known I would be gallivanting around here (nobody had any idea, including me) I would have started resume-building when I was 10 instead of frittering away all those hours waiting for Kasey Kasem to announce the Number One Movie Theme Song of All Time. Not that I can't also "present" (ahem) well on paper when the need ariseth. Yes dear friends, I advanced the technology curve in at least three product areas. Never mind how. You don't need to know it was by yelling at the software team weekly to GET YOUR POP CANS OUT OF THE DEVELOPMENT AREA ON GOVERNMENT WITNESS VISIT DAYS BEFORE WE LOSE THE WHOLE PROGRAM YOU IDIOTS!! Oh well, I suspect there are pop cans to pickup when you "assist" Hillary and Teddy too. There are always pop cans.
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