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Missy Elliott is fascinatingly repulsive to me. I think it's her lips. Reminds me of some girl I saw out in public a few years ago with humongous, protuberant, we're talking abnormal, like congenitally deformed or Silicone-Gone-Wrong, osculatory mechanisms here. Like, you could sit behind her and only see a bit of her face in profile and you could see...lips poking out past her jaw! and she was eating this sandwich by breaking off little pieces of it and putting them delicately, one at a time, between her mammoth fleshy flaps, where they disappeared. I could not stop staring even though it was making me kinda queasy, worse than watching orangutangs at the zoo chew mush and spit it back out. And every time I see Missy forming the words of a song with her great big mouth with the giant overbite right behind that practically squinches her eyes shut, I feel compelled to watch, thinking all the time, HOW does she TALK, let alone SING, with that apparatus? I have nothing against big lipz usually - one person I used to know had big enuf lips to get called FishLips in schewl, but I thought their lips were pretty and sweet and, er, cushy. I just think Missy has reached that Anna Nicole Point Beyond Which.
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