no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

A bold night for my new rock shirt

my disarm shirt got its first airing at the NMA show last nite. gots to keep in idioticpoet's good books. i even wore my Gaelic "I Am of Ireland" ring, even though those Gae Irish, being Irish and not German, not only messed up my gift order but sized this ring rong. Also got to wear my hardcore jacket with the 25 lbs. of accessories attached to it. I love that jacket, it's three sizes too big and like body armor, I put it over anything and I'm dressed. Unfortunately, I can't wear it out of town anymore because post-911 airport security would prolly freak out over the several dozen pointy studs, etc. Some dredded guy complimented me on having more stuff attached to my jacket than he did to his. I still want to design my own jacket someday as someone else did this'n. Show was decent, sorta like Plunx Unpugged, or Clash Lite. A number of yuppie-looking people were there, at least two with their speeses and little 7-year-old kids.

also I found a deli near work that sells smoked salmon bagels and Cherry Garcia Peace Pops. life is good.

Happy late sink full o' mayo.
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