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I feel like a real dip for being bummed over this GBV breakup thang, when it's clear to anybody who's been paying attention that all those guys need a break if they're not going to collapse onstage some night from battle fatigue. Hopefully a few people can get a lot more rest now.

I know I have groused a lot about GBV and Postal Blowfish over the years, but I have to admit that without them I wouldn't have made a few of my very best friends and a lot of my okay-to-cool acquaintances. Of course I wouldn't have run into at least two people who deserve to have their appendages ripped off by grizzly bears, either, but you can't have a barrel of apples without a couple worms. I should look on the bright side and be glad it was only a couple and not a couple dozen.

Anyway, there was lots of good music. That's what counts in the end, and that's why we all Persevere in whatever we're Persevering at.
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