no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

a good day to stay in bed.

i sure am glad i don't have to go to work today with 300,000 people (i'm being kind and calling them "people", i'm sure a lot of them mean well) marching around. just saw hillary clinton on there capitalizing on her gender to get ahead politically. yawn. if anyone could make me vote republican for the first time in my life, it's hillary clinton. i have more respect for the average cherrystone clam than i do for her. too bad they can't invent a morning-after pill for perjurious sexual harassers, she could have put it in Bill's coffee. oh wait, they have those, they're called "arsenic". :P

days like this i wish i was some other gender, or genderless, 'cuz i really don't want to be identified with these kinds of people, or have them looking out for my "rights" (the legal basis of which i often doubt) or my "health". but like i said they give me an excellent excuse to stay in bed and eat chicken wings, which is probably doing a lot more for my health than anything politicians can come up with.
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