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So many indie rawk shows, so few decent tattoos.

was supposed to go see the mighty mighty (ahem) cobra verde last night, but they cancelled due to mark's wrist injury, so I ended up at the blonde redhead show at the ottobar. pleasant enough little band. i swear b'more has got the most plug-ugly music fans of any town i've ever gone to a show in. every third one looked like a refugee from a John Waters cattle call.

one guy was wandering around with this gigantic White Guy 'Fro the likes of which I haven't seen since "Room 222" went off the air. please don't tell me they're coming back in style. some other drunk dude in a baseball cap came up to me and asked, "Do you know Jonathan Richman?" At first I thought he was asking, did I know Jonathan personally, but it turned out he and his friends were just asking random people and so far had only been able to find one person at the show who "had heard the name" and one person (me) who actually knew who that was. I IM'ed nik and communicated all this. I need to start taking sewing or something to shows. I usually take a book but I've been getting too bored.
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