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they call it Folkcaccia bread 'cuz it's for Folks!

today I was absolutely thrilled, thrilled I say, to discover that the dingy little Dean and Deluca in the Warner Building basement actually has a cafe in it serving fabulous Dean and Deluca food. it's so low-key looking, I thought it was just a storefront for catering. I could go on and on about how my entire socioeconomic trajectory in life is governed by getting good quality take-out lunches to eat in a nice quiet office, and how this all relates to my mother's habit of counting out nickels and dimes to create 1,000 Ways With Hotdogs/Hamburgers/Fried Chicken, and my father's equally bothersome habit of brown-bagging half a baloney sandwich and an apple for lunch every day for 20 freakin' years and bragging about how all he spent for lunch was 35 cents for a Coke, and how I got addicted to these nine-dollar designer steak-and-red-pepper-strip sammitches (ugh, I mean SANDWICHES, must...stop...saying...sammitch) at the Georgetown co-op as being such a wonderful improvement over SCWRU's horrid hymns to botulism, and I could also tell that story again about how I quit engineering partly because I was sick of the only places to eat near the Third Largest Factory in the State being an overcrowded Mickey D's or an equally overcrowded Roy Rogers overlooking a tire dump, and how I always aspired to Pastries and a View like I saw in Mr. Malrite's conference room Back in Tha Day.

but I think I'll just say that anyplace where I can get something reasonably healthy to eat and don't have to deal with 1 million screaming kidlets/ cheapskate government workers who refuse to spend more than 5 dollars for lunch and are counting their change to pay for a stupid fast-food salad that has more calories than the burgers while holding up a 20-person line arguing for an extra pack of free croutons/ junkie bums trying to steal sugar from the counter while simultaneously hitting me up for spayre change RIGHT THERE AT THE COUNTER as I'm paying for my McHeartattack On a Bun...well, anyplace civilized where I don't have to put up with such crap is well worth the salad being nine bux a pound.
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