no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

depo training

Seems most people, when asked a question, don't want to appear Stupid or do want to Please the Questioner. So they talk too much.

This explains why I make such a swell fake witness for mock trials. I HATE answering questions from anyone I don't "Know" and "Trust". (Putting that in "quotes" b/c I sometimes make mistakes in deciding who goes in that Set, and those become the members of my Subset of People Most Deserving of Being Dismembered With a Blowtorch.) Generally, I like making people work for their lil' nuggets.

Even that meme going around about "ask me three questions" with which many ppl are having Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Phun strikes me (like that interview meme) as almost unbearably disgustingly intrusive. I wonder why I lack the Desire to Please the Questioner? Perhaps the years of distrustful confidants, coupled with Good Ol' Mom reminding me about 20 times per week for years, Don't Trust Anybody and Don't Be Telling the World Your Business, made the lesson finally sinque in? Or was I really born more of a clam than lots of other ppl? Nature v. Nurture. Seize and Suture.

Even talking about talking feels like talking too much.
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