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we're so sorry, uncle andy

good thing i had a good weekend because today was one of those "emergency" days where i didn't even have time for a cup of coffee.

so sunday we went to the hirshhorn and saw the douglas gordon installation, among other things. the gordon show was ok, the "other things" were mostly better. i was going to try to link to pictures of the "other things", but basically you can find them all in the hirshhorn gallery searchable collection pretty much, if you care, and just to annoy me the pictures of just about everything i liked are not coming up on that site at the moment.

so i will just list the stuff i thought was neat without pictures and if anyone really cares they can look it up on google themself:
- arneson's crisco can sculpture with a hand coming out, also his "kiln man" that's a big brick head of himself with little ceramic heads being fired inside it
- arman's squeezy paint tubes on glass that looked like bugs
- eliasson's entire wall full of repetitious photographs of reyjkavik buildings that got horizontally smaller left to right. i like repetitions. i like repetitions of buildings more.
- red grooms's really cool diorama of a loft full of angsty looking beatniks
- some boxes by that joseph guy who makes boxes
- some cool painting of houses that was hanging next to an icky picasso (i've forgotten who the cool painting was by so now i can't find it online - this is why ppl like me need really comprehensive museum guidebooks)
- some tabletop sculpture made of what looked like big gilded nails by some other artist i forget
- some sculpture called "subcommittee" by a brit named tony that was like a whole tree of rubber stamps, which i liked because it looked like the Free Stamp gave birth to a litter
- some other sculpture by some spanish guy that looked like an assassination in progress (duh)
- calder mobiles of course

dale doesn't really like going to art museums that much, so he finds ways to amuse himself. like wearing a bright orange jacket and sitting really still right under a calder mobile so he looks like a big static lump object contrast to all that airy floaty stuff.

or sneaking around the outside of the glass gift shop so he can startle me by peering in at me while i'm deciding whether to buy this book
(it's a FACE BOOK, haha)

and/or this book

the concept of having andy warhol for an uncle is something i can literally ponder for hours.

after that we attempted to stop by the air and space museum, where we had our first date (in typical bassackwards fashion i scheduled our first "date", as in, going out somewhere, after we'd been hanging out, etc. in each other's apartments every day for like two months) and which we used to visit almost every week many years ago. nowadays, the air and space museum is doing a land office business but has become about as much fun to visit as an actual airport, security lines and all. also my days of going to their cafeteria to eat when i am depressed are over, as it's been mcdonaldsified with a bass-pumpin' 80's night soundtrack and the view out the atrium is now obstructed by that native american museum they built. i cannot swallow with all that commotion going on. oh well, i haven't been to eat there in three years and i don't get depressed much anymore by comparison so i guess i can file that place away under Old Memories and from now we'll eat in the basement of the art gallery with the waterfalls.

space was less crowded when dan quayle was running it.

after that i wanted a bomb pop because of this song dale composed ten years ago that he had forgotten but i didn't,
As wind makes little cherry blos-soms dro-op,
Little Marys eat bomb pops

but it was so cold all the bomb pop sellers had folded their stands like the proverbial arabs and split. so instead i went on the mary go round. as usual i rode my favorite horse, the sea horse. i always ride the sea horse, except once i might have ridden the zebra 'cause there was a kid on the sea horse or something. i am noticing as i get older and my leg gets worse it gets a little trickier to climb on the horse. later after church which we had to walk a long way past all kinds of homeless people to get to, we drove past the cherry blossoms which are pinky-green this time of year and it was quite deserted except for a few fishermen (yes, people fish in the horribly polluted cesspool known as the anacostia and eat what they catch. yuk) and i kept looking for spies making an information drop because that's when they do it, dinner time on holiday weekends when no one is around. we went to la madeleine and ate and drank a lot and came home and i had weird dreams about bollywood making baseball movies. the end
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