no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

wonderland, deceased

wow that super blue spring sky is back. was admiring it over the hecht's bldg out the senior partner's window during a conference call today (everything looks better out the senior partner's window).
ah shore do luv the citay, some days i just want to give it a big hug. gin blossoms and all.
remembering mrs. simpson's and eggs benedict and all the azaleas and snowballs. man that was a lot of easters ago already. and there sure is a whopping big easter egg of a moon out this week too.
i always think eggs benedict and capers are what you're supposed to eat here. probably because i read a fiction book once where young republican lawyers' wives were having other young lawyers and their wives over for eggs benedict. (um, it's much easier to have eggs benedict at a nice little restaurant and not have other lawyers over to your house at all ;) and they have capers at the hay-adams sunday brunch, which is also a good place to watch senators eat, if you're into that. (i enjoy that sometimes but really, seen one senator you've seen 'em all, especially if the one you see is a kennedy.)
you know why i always liked georgetown? only partly bcuz of the kennedys and not bcuz of my 'rents at all, g-town was a complete garbage dump in their pre-camelot days and they never went there. i loved it bcuz the cobblestone streets and the trees looked like belle av. back home and so it was one of the only places i didn't feel homesick when i first moved. belle av. was finally paved sometime during the last few years, stupid philistines who lived there bitched too much about their cars bouncing around. it's totally ugly now. i'm sure the city will eventually put it all back to cobblestones some decade, when the historic preservationists prevail and make all the boring tasteless prefab worker bee people move somewhere else. at least i still have georgetown.
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