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I had to listen to some woman on the train gab about her job at the World Bank for about five stops tonight to someone she'd just met. The someone wasn't me, luckily, but she talked so loud I was forced to overhear, unluckily. Put a sock in it, bimbo! I don't need to hear you beef about how the World Bank won't pay for your train pass when, after all, there are folks working the counters at Mickey D's for min wage who are probably contributing more to my happiness, if not the planet's, than you are. *rolls eyes* The world should be my library so I could tell everyone SHHHHH!

Man I can't stand (most) talkative people. You know, the ones who have to know where you work and what you do and what's your name and where do you live and all that junk within 15 minutes of meeting you. I like people like Pat, the little snack bar counter lady who sells me coffee a lot of mornings. I've been buying coffee from Pat for about four-five years now. The whole first year I just bought the coffee in more or less silence and if we said anything to each other it was just "Hi" or "Nice day." Gradually we started actually exchanging sentences. Now she knows me and knows where I used to work and what I do now and we chat about her daughter and stuff but y'know, we took our time about it. Today she asked me did I have my own practice yet? and I laughed and said oh no, and she said "It'll come, IN TIME!" I like Pat, she's not pushy. Also she reminds me of those elec assembly ladies from when I was an engg who looked all sweet and momlike with their country-styled hair but took absolutely NO guff from the managers. they and my mom were the best female role models I ever had, and probably the reason you don't hear me sitting around carping about male-dominated professions like some weak sisters I could name. anyway i'd rather hang with any of them than with some gabby nosejobbed Baltimore cow who has to run around announcing that she works for the World friggin' Bank.
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