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sometimes it snows in april...

a couple of years ago i had one of the best aprils of my life. of course it was only a loan, and i will now pay the interest on it by coping with years and years of nervous and middling, if not actually Bad, aprils. i still daily wish that the person involved would implode into a small flaming pile of poo in the gutter, and i'm sure if there is any justice in the cosmos (which I do believe there is, a jerk brings on his own punishment which is one reason I try hard not to act like a jerk even when I'm justifiably angry) something compensatory will happen to even it up, or maybe already has.

at any rate, perhaps this is one reason why this month is sort of bugging me already. or perhaps it has to do with venusian transits. whatever. there's no concrete reason, i just feel friggin' antsy and i don't care to revert back to that anxious state i was in last year where my hands felt shaky and crawly all the time, like daliesque spiders trying to detach at the wrists.

i considered packing up my lj tent and taking the month off, especially since many of my lj friends are either taking breaks or are on indefinite posting hiatus. but more likely i'll just pop in here once a day or less and write a bit more elsewhere about mundanities.
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