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time won't give me time

i've somehow managed to find myself amazingly short on time these days. i don't quite know how this happened as i've had too much to do ever since we moved into this house which was over a decade ago. but nevertheless. i might not be as responsive for a while as i normally am. so if i'm not commenting on your journal or whatever as much as i usually do, it's not that i've forgotten. just overbusy.

it scares me to think how much timing is important in meeting people. like if someone approached me now they might be really cool but it wouldn't go anywhere due to lack of time. other times i've had time on my hands so i've met all these people and then i worry when i get busy again they'll all go away because i can't talk to them as much. i guess things happen the way they're meant to happen, and whoever is meant to hang in there wit' ya does it. but being as how it's been like 20 years since i had to juggle a bunch of buds around being busy (and back then i lived with half of them and saw the other half at least once a week when i went out, they didn't live all over the map) it's a new experience.
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