no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Revenge of the Marchers in Orange.

This week I've been wanting to become more like Eric Liddell. (For those of you who don't like clicking links and reading, he's that missionary guy from "Chariots of Fire" who won't run on a Sunday.) Both in terms of being more Christ-like as he was, and also getting more in touch with my Scots roots (approximately 25%, the remainder is 50% Irish and 25% German). So what do I do this morning but forget what day it is, and not only fail to wear any green, but put on an ORANGE jacket just because it was fresh from the dryer, and not realize my mistake until I'm already at work. Horrors. My mom would kill me (or worse yet, blame speese whose Irish Catholic mom converted to Presbyterianism). It's a very loud jacket too. I hope nobody thought I was making a political statement.

Darn you, Mr. Liddell, for polluting my subconscious with Protestant concepts!!
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