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Ask the National Chicken Council...

Yes, Virginia, there really is a National Chicken Council, and I bet they'd even be able to define "chicken". Two people will get that joke.

Moving right along, while I was actually getting some work done today, I bumbled onto an interesting recent case for all the bored law aficionados out there. Artist Tom Forsythe, a photographer who exhibited a series of Barbies being served up as drinks and dinners, got sued by Mattel on what I consider extremely shaky legal grounds. *coughcoughfairuseanyonecough*. Goliath, I mean Mattel, wasn't satisfied with that and even went after two museums whose curators had testified for Forsythe. I am pleased to report that justice seems to have prevailed - Forsythe won in both the district court (summary judgment, woohoo) and the Ninth Circuit (possible attorney fees, more woohoo).

Food Chain Barbie

ACLU announcement of Forsythe's Ninth Circuit win

For the diehards among you, link to opinion where Mattel basically gets its plastic butt handed to it on a platter
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