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a sex post for sunday

alot of people use their journals to post these long sexual fantasies and musings and stuff like that. *shrug* which is fine i guess, i just don't add them or read them because i find that stuff incredibly boring. when I was in my early 20s i read penthouse letters, fooled around with handcuffs and all kinds of other stuff, just to see. i found out that really, the thing i want most is the thing i wanted most in my teens, and wanted most since i was about 23 or 24. which is just to have somebody hug me a lot and know that they really do love me and will be there for me. don't want dirty talk or bondage or spanking or hair pulling. just dumb ol' vanilla love. yeah, i'm dull but it's better to be honest about it than run around trying to be something you're not just to fit in with everybody else.
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