no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Pictures of MeMe

I tried that Google-image-search your name thing that about 10 people on my f(r)iends list have done recently. I have a really common first name so I knew I would get about 1,000 pics of common-looking people and religious statues, but there were a few interesting pictures. (I used links rather than posting the pics I found, so I don't slow down dialups or steal/use a bunch of bandwidth.)

This was the coolest one. I do like sea shells.

This one probably looks the most like me.

Since the results were pretty predictable (although a couple made me laugh really hard), I also Googled one of my other names from 20 years ago that very few people associate with me now. And was rewarded by some interesting pics completely unrelated to said name:

Dreamy, adventurous female mouse.

Nifty ring shaped like a tree branch.

Trendy clothes store in Toronto. Hmm, I may actually order some of their stuff.

So ends my Adventure in Being a Sheep for today. Baaa.
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