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Number 1,623,738 on the List of Things I Don't Understand.

People who post on Sunday that their significant other/pet/boss/whoever is satanic spawn and they are moving out/getting a stuffed animal/looking for a new job/whatever ASAP, and then post on Monday that they simply adore the previously devilish entity which has somehow miraculously ascended and is now holding God's own hand. This without a word of explanation regarding the "transfiguration". Nothing like, "X and I had a long talk and we worked it all out." Just "I can't stand X" followed quickly by "X is wonderful. I love X." Which will, sure as you live, be back to "X is on my LAST NERVE" by the following week.

This is not referring to anyone on my f(r)iends list because people who shift gears all the time like that wear me the hell out, so I don't "friend" them or "trust" them or whatever. I mean, I realize that we sometimes run the gamut of emotions about anything and sometimes in the course of a day, but all the time? and posting about it every time mood goes flipflop? um, no.

Perhaps I am asking too much to expect people to make up their minds and be consistent, at least in hard cold print?
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