no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

in which i wax creative about foreign policy

After some thought, I have devised the perfect solution for Haiti and all those other go-nowhere little countries that like to actually have a revolution instead of just singing along with John Lennon about it. The UN could make up an initial list of, say, the five most unstable, turnover-prone-and-we-don't-mean-apple, countries. Then when some little dump, Haiti for example, gets tired of its dictator, it simply sends him or her to the top country on the list, and adds itself and five of its nearest neighbors to the bottom of the list. Within a month (if nobody breaks the chain by becoming a stable democracy, getting nuked back to the Stone Age or anything stupid like that) Haiti will receive 100 new dictators from all over the world and one of them is bound to work out. or else they could just have a Dictator Death Match, Winner Takes the Country, videotape the event, sell it to American pay-per-view (it would help if wrestling was involved), and probably boost the country's GNP enough to host the next World Bank meeting.

OK, I'm going to bed now. If you have any more knotty diplomacy problems for me to solve, save 'em till morning.
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