no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

easter everywhere

do i have an invisible scar now that matches yours? i still remember you all excited to show me. "Man I got a KILLER scar now, look!" and it was like an 8-inch seam all the way up the belly. major league. why didn't i see you in the hospital after? mom went to see you in my place, i think i had to leave town, get back to work. dad had just died but it was right after xmas break and i only had three days funeral time and almost no vacay, and i wasn't stupid enuf to ask for extra leave with layoffs looming, and gordon (ted said he's finally retiring this year, good riddance) chomping at the bit to give me a bad performance review. (the performance reviews might have still been abbreviated "PMS" for Performance Management System, so one could say, "Oh, I got a bad PMS!" what bonehead thought that up, I wonder? they eventually changed it but it took a few years...) i don't remember much after your mom called to say you made it through the surgery. we'd just buried dad the day before, or was it that day, i don't remember, i was drunk on jd that whole week, i called d twice (no not that d, the other d, you know what i mean), i don't remember anything i said. i Do remember my first day back at work & taking a whole handful of aspirin and motrin and tylenol all mixed up and almost passing out in the restroom and gordon (who i don't think believed my dad actually died, i think he thought i made it up to get an extra three days off for new years) giving me the expected bad review. i remember freaking out a couple of times at the apt in columbia with dale, i remember finally drinking so much whiskey i threw up in the bathtub, first time in my life i got sick on booze ever. the next thing i remember, it was spring up in your loft in that converted carriage house on hessler that you inherited from avril (whose mail was still coming there, show flyer from alan grandy, yeah like i really needed to see that at that point !>.
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