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this is great!!

cabinet_obscura posted this link to all of Nancy Sinatra's songs on the web! Yay!

Guess who was a big fan at age 5? *points at self* Although I couldn't understand why it was stupid to say "I Love You" in "Something Stupid". I remember my mom futilely trying to explain it to me, while sprinkling Daddy's shirts with a Lowenbrau bottle that had a sprinkly top corked into it. (Before you ironed men's shirts, you would sprinkle them with water and then roll them up and put them in the crisper of the fridge for a day. I have no idea why - maybe there was starch in the water. Polyester wasn't invented then and my mom hated ironing shirts about as much as she hated cooking dinner. But that Lowenbrau sprinkly thang was pretty cool.)
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