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The Ten Strong Suggestions (I'm not into commandments.)

1. Ascribe a gender to me at your own risk. Just because I don't fuss about neutral pronouns or pants vs. skirts doesn't mean I like being put in any boxes.

2. Trying too hard is as bad as hardly trying.

3. Ask nicely and I might tell you. Assume and you can just go on doing that, because I won't tell you.

4. (Corollary to 3) "Evil to him who evil thinks."

5. People cease to be "boys" and "girls" at approximately age 18 and become "men" and "women", or simply "persons". Repeated references to mature humans as "boys" and "girls" will be taken as a likely sign of immaturity in the referencer.

6. Don't mess with my family.

7. You can do what you want, but you have to take the consequences.

8. Repeated denials and protestations only serve to signify guilt.

9. Screw physical looks - your attitude is the most attractive/unattractive thing you've got going.

10. "One shot."
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