no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

rod the rodent wins round one

Well, Our Friend The Mouse apparently was the stunt man for Mousion: Impossible because he managed to lick all the peanut butter off the spring trap last night without setting it off. Conversation today went something like this:
"I thought you said you baited this trap with a blob of peanut butter."
"I did."
"Um, well, the trap is in place, no poops, nothing disturbed, only there's no peanut butter anywhere. Not a speck. I don't suppose peanut butter evaporates?"

(Later, back at the ranch, upon viewing the scene of the crime, carefully left intact so as not to disturb the "evidence":)
"Wow! It's like the peanut butter was just...vacuumed up!"

At this point Mr. Engineer decided to demonstrate the springiness of the trap to me and ended up catching his finger in it. (I knew that was going to happen.) We have adjusted the peanut butter tolerance by several millimeters and will provide a status update tomorrow. I know you're all waiting with BAITED breath.
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