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i hate those meeses to reeses peeses

i was supposed to be at work a few hours ago. instead i just had to send housemate on emergency errand to the hardware store. i left a steak sitting on the stove this morning and when i came back to the kitchen a few minutes later, Herman the Vermin was dancing around on the stove like a friggin' Disney cartoon, in broad daylight, with all the kitchen lights on, getting ready to go for the gusto. they've come up from behind the stove before (i blame our neighbor's woodpile, which is steps away from our poorly constructed kitchen) but usually have the decency to wait till it's dark and I've gone to bed. he was pretty damn slow about running away when i yelled too. i refuse to run a Ruth's Chris for mice so i cleaned the poop off the stove, put a spring trap and some different poison bait and if that doesn't work I'll put my most feral cat, Jasper, onto the job. the cats usually live in a different part of our house from the kitchen, or else they would be eating my steak.
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