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around you my love, around you My love, around you my love, around you My love, around you my love..

Yesterday, whatsisname took me to holy frijoles! in beautiful downtown hampden (hon) for V-day lunch. it wasn't as good as you get in the Real Southwest, and they seemed to confuse the guacamole concept with the salsa verde experience, but it still beats chipotle or taco hell. the only minus was being besieged by ~*BOB*~ on the restaurant cd blaster during the entire meal. initially when we walked in to the strains of "watch me jumpstart" I thought it was pretty dern cool and the guitar line made me feel like headbanging as always, but soon it became apparent that the entire alien lanes album was playing straight through, and it just seemed to go on, and on, and ON, and got on my nerves. AL is one of those albums that has so many emotions and experiences and people attached to it like barnacles in my mind at this point, that I just go yeah yeah, great album, can we PLEASE put it away in its coffin now and get it out in, oh say about 10 years when I might enjoy it again? I certainly don't want to hear it over my meals (*stomach nods vigorously in agreement*) and not with ted, who I hang out with to get AWAY from that sort of shite. I ended up eating faster than I wanted to, just so we could escape. hopefully we can go back another day when they're playing something different. there are lots of thrift stores and shops in that 'hood i'd like to check out anyway, and some architectural details i'd like to photo.

On the Creative front, we thought it would be cool to eat Valentine's chocolate, then apply a Play-Doh Fun Factory-type mold to your butt and poop out a choco-smelling, heart shaped turd for your favorite annoying loved one (or coprophiliac). I suspect a kit for this is already being marketed somewhere. Ted also suggested recording an album of gay Americana called "Glory Hole", featuring reworkings of old standards such as "She'll Be Cummin' Round the Mountain When She Cums."

I feel cautiously hopeful this morning. Black beans will do that to ya.
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