no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

in which I too am a sheep and try the "Dear Livejournal" thing. baaah :)

Dere Dear Livejournal,

Something kind of cool happened today. Out of the blue, I got contacted by one of the authors of this book, which coincidentally I just bought myself with my Xmas gift certificate. The same author is doing the official book on the Terminal Tower for some anniversary or other and wants to photograph some of my Terminal Tower memorabilia. I hope I can help him out next time I'm in town because it would be swell to be part of the book on my favorite building in the whole world. Of course, he won't be interested in my favorite piece of memorabilia, which is the crappy little SX-70 photo I took out the window of somebody's moving car as we passed the place a looooong time ago (the view looks completely different now as new buildings have been built). I had heard from one of the eBay sellers that somebody was doing a book and contacting people who buy and sell the CleveOh stuff over there, but I figured it was probably Bill Barrow from the CSU archive, who I still owe photoscans to from three years ago *grimace*. i hate not getting people stuff I said I would do, but maybe I'll get to it this year.

The View From The Cleveland Underground's Doorstep
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