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the d word

I wanted to write this general post about how I really don't understand divorce, any more than I understand people getting rid of their good friends. I know it happens, shit happens, and I do, logically, understand that. the problem is I don't emotionally understand it and I don't think I ever will, and emotional understanding or lack thereof is almost impossible to put into words. plus, the majority of people I've met who have or have had marital problems tend to freak out when you question the situation or distance yourself from it, because they always seem to think they're being judged or their pain is being belittled. i figure maybe they just hurt too much to think straight; at the same time, people who aren't thinking straight can be exasperating or even dangerous.

one time I literally got a whole room into an uproar by asking what I thought was a non-loaded question about this subject. thankfully it was an anonymous question or I'm afraid someone would have punched me. as it was, people cried and stuff and I felt like shit even though it was an "engaged encounter" class (mandated by my church as you probably guessed, lord knows I don't voluntarily put myself in those kinds of emotionally manipulative settings) and we were being encouraged to ask anything we wanted about marriage. I only wanted to understand, I wasn't trying to make anybody cry, geez.

i'm disallowing comments on this because I just wanted to get the thought out of my head. I don't want people to try and explain it to me. I just wanted to say I don't understand it and at this point I probably don't want to understand it.
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