no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

don't (re)'mind me

Four degrees, yet I still keep those truant officer papers he gave me from when he was 15 and dropped out. I have to laugh at those 20-year-olds who play the cruddy little afternoon battle-of-the-bands. If you're 20 and you haven't already toured the country on some record company's nickel, you're behind the curve, kids :-)

I finally got around to ordering those CDs from asthecrowflies. I'm listening to one now. Sounds a little Kristin Hersh and a little Suzanne Vega. I dislike most female singer-songwriters as a general rule, but Suzanne Vega's first album is OK. Reminds me of my first trip to Georgetown which was to see her play the Bayou, then lots of later trips back and forth, driving through puddles at 3 in the morning, listening to 'HFS when it was still cool. The thing is I was mostly always alone for many years, but I'm never alone now. I will never be alone anymore.
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