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dumb question time

Different and difference.
I see: this monitor, and my cat Babe under my feet
I need: love. and more time in the day
I find: dust, cat poop and things i've lost in the house
I want: more sleep, more time
I have: pets, family, friends, job i like a lot
I wish: uh-uh, if i tell it won't come true ;)
I love: people i love, animals, plants, cool music, having fun!
I hate: people i hate, stupidity, injustice, unfairness
I miss: people i miss
I fear: at this point, absolutely nothing. been thru too much.
I feel: good
I hear: an airplane, my cat Babe meowing at me for a pet
I smell: nothing
I crave: ew, i hate that word "crave"
I search: for love, for cases on Westlaw, for things I've lost in the house
I wonder: what it's like to be dead
I regret: non, je ne regrette rien, you fockers.

When was the last time you ...
Smiled?: just now typing "you fockers"
Laughed?: earlier at a comedy show whatsisname was watching where the comic was making fun of New York City bouncers
Cried?: i think yesterday but it was just for a second
Bought something?: i bought some Lakewood memorabilia on eBay today
Danced?: i don't recall, i dance around the house all the time though
Were sarcastic?: answering posts sunday
Kissed someone?: earlier today
Talked to an ex?: i don't talk to my exes, unless talking to Dead Guy counts, in which case it was the other night
Watched your favorite movie?: don't remember, it was a long time ago, like years. i don't have much time to watch movies
Had a nightmare?: i don't remember

A Last time for everything ...
Last book you read: finishing up nick drake's bio
Last movie you saw: i saw tuskegee airmen on the TV
Last song you heard: unbunny, "who needs the light"
Last thing you had to drink: coke
Last time you showered: a little while ago
Last thing you ate: just had a chicken sandwich while screwing around with this

Do You ...
Smoke?: no
Do drugs?: no
Have sex?: none of your damn business
Sleep with stuffed animals?: yup
Live in the moment?: i've been trying to
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: yup
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: yup lots
Play an instrument?: yup lots
Believe there is life on other planets?: i think there's a reasonable possibility
Remember your first love?: yup
Read the newspaper?: when there's a really big interesting headline
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: yup
Believe in miracles?: yup
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: i think it's possible to love and remain committed forever if that's what you mean. if you're talking about sexual faithfulness i rarely discuss that topic because i think it's a crock.
Consider yourself tolerant of others?: yup, except when they act stupidly or unjustly, then i get superintolerant very quickly
Consider love a mistake?: in general, no. in a couple of specific cases, if i had it to do over again i wouldn't have let myself fall in love with the people, but it was a learning experience and led to other things so i guess it was a mistake that was meant to happen.
Like the taste of alcohol?: i like certain brands of beer, liqueur, whiskey and wine OK
Have a favorite candy?: toffifay right now
Believe in astrology?: yup, to an extent
Believe in magic?: we'd have to discuss what you mean by that term before i could answer that
Believe in God?: yup
Pray?: yup
Go to church?: sometimes, i'd like to go more often tho
Have any secrets?: *shrug* i have a private life like everybody else, it's my own personal business
Have any pets: seven cats
Do well in school?: it varied, i guess most people would say overall i've done pretty well
Go to or plan to go to college?: went, hopefully done going for a long time
Talk to strangers who instant message you?: yup
Wear hats?: yup
Have any piercings?: just ear, i don't care for piercings as a general rule
Have any tattoos?: nope, someday tho
Hate yourself?: i did when i was a lot younger, i don't anymore and haven't for a very long time. it's juvenile and nonproductive.
Have an obsession?: no
Have a secret crush?: oh, please *rolls eyes* i don't do crushes
Do they know yet?: see answer above
Collect anything?: yeah, i collect old cleveland postcards, terminal tower stuff, lakewood stuff, NE OH cats meow, advertising bendies, some toys from the 60's and 70's
Have a best friend?: i have several really really good friends, i don't like that "best" term. i'd probably have to say my spouse is my very best friend though. because he's been around the longest, we're very close, and he's done a lot for me.
Wish on stars?: yup
Like your handwriting?: it's okay
Have any bad habits?: yeah
Care about looks?: some, if you mean my looks i think i look okay
Boy/girlfriend's looks?: *shrug* the people i love/loved all look/looked fine to me, except when they were having a grubby day or something
Friends and other people?: same as previous answer
Believe in witches?: there are people out there who do witchcraft, some are more serious/intelligent about it than others, i don't know what you mean by "believe" in it
Believe in Satan?: yup
Believe in ghosts?: if you mean spirits then yup
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