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Keep It In the Family.

I like to read the last chapters of books first, and I like spoilers. Once I know what's going to happen I can kick back and enjoy the trip, that is IF I still want to go. Lately I have been feeling like I know where certain trips (mine and other people's) are going to end up, which happens Sometimes (not always) and makes me slightly uncomfortable though I'm glad for the extra guidance. (Cf. my previous post regarding not knowing how relations with people are going to turn out. Sometimes I get a little help. ) I am always afraid that my personal biases are colouring the outcome, despite the fact that in at least one recent case the perceived outcome (which indeed became the Real outcome) went in the absolutely opposite direction from where I would have liked it. Ah well, Things Happen the way they're going to Happen, the way they're meant to Happen, and so We Shall See.
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