no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

this is a party, how did I get here?

Dead Guy came around last night. That was kind of him, it's been awhile and I'd been in a crankysad mood probably brought on by eating too much of the wrong things mon. nite, and missing him and a couple other people. He was also kind enough not to scare the fuck outta me this time ;) He looked pretty decent, like he's finally getting used to this deadness thing. I dreamed we were at a party on a bus. (I dream about buses, trains, planes, assorted terminals and hotels all the time, usually with weird psych or modern interiors. I like traveling except in real life I'm usually tired and worried about what sort of hassle awaiteth me on the other end of wherever I'm going. Conclusion: must pick better destinations.) But anyway back to the partay we went to. Like I said it was on a bus and given by this man I used to work with who I haven't seen in a looooong time. DG (as in, Dead Guy, not any other DG) said hey dear I have to leave soon and look for a restroom. Which was very much in character, he joked about his small bladder from day one and tended to consume gallons of diuretic alcohol and coffee. I said well, just let me say thanks and goodbye to our host and we'll go. But host guy was busy sharing a Kodak moment with another friend and I didn't want to interrupt. So I said, well, look, there's a restroom up the street like a mile or five or so away from here, just start walking there and after I talk to the host I'll get my car and catch up to you. So he left and shortly thereafter I went out to the parking lot to get the car and was thinking Geez I didn't give him very good directions and that's a loooooong walk through a questionable 'hood. (In my dreams, any walk that's not in Lakewood, which I recall in my sleep with photographic precision unmatched during my waking hours, always passes through a questionable 'hood.) I was going to get the car and try to catch up to him and give him a ride the rest of the way. Because I was thinking, man he smokes too much to walk five damn miles. But instead I woke up.

Yes dear, that's what I did. I sent you on ahead. Hopefully I'll catch up later.
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