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it's a new day, so can I please post again, Daddy? :P

In other news, I also purchased my very own Tagamet Stomach Man, who will keep company on my bookshelf with Henry the Puffy Taco Bobblehed! For those of you following along at home, my stomach is MUCH better these days without the use of any antacid, pills, or other medical intervention. I figured out that my stomach works OK if I
- Don't put too much food into it at once
- Don't put crap into it at all
- Don't stay in situations (career or interpersonal or whatever) that stress me out and
- Do get lots of sleep.

I bet there are people knocking back acid reflux drugs right now who'd recover on their own if they did the same. Not that drugs or doctors are always bad, and sometimes you do need a prescription, but I think it's better to listen to my body first and see if it's trying to tell me that something is wrong in my life that I need to fix, rather than just running for the quick pill-pop solution. 'Cause sometimes my body will tell me things are Wrong when my mind is trying to kid itself that everything's Right.
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