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an album meme

swiped with some minor modifications from some guy on the dts bored...

first album i remember playing: i had a lot of kiddie 7", counting and alphabet songs and the like. when i was about 5 we got a disney album as a gas station promotion that had hit songs from all the old disney cartoon movies and i played that to death. shortly thereafter my mom got me the original soundtracks of "the aristocats" and "101 dalmatians" and I played those to death.

first non-kiddie album i remember playing: the partridge family album. this was pretty grownup by the standards of us 7-year-olds who were still into disney and josie cartoons

first album i dug out of my parents' collection to play: my parents were old and had a ton of mantovani/sinatra/big band stuff which i played occasionally. my dad had an album of train songs that i think i played more than a few times. i liked "wreck of the old 97" because it was good n' gory with the guy getting scalded to death, and another one about hobos getting hauled off to prison.

first rock album i remember liking: disney and partridge family aside, my older cousin played simon and garfunkel's greatest hits at her mom's beach house every summer for about three years and it grew on me. i still love "home" and "america"

first album i bought with my own money: probably something by john denver, i suspect it was a "greatest hits" collection. i already had about three other john denver albums and a carpenters collection that i'd gotten as holiday gifts. i was trying to collect all of john denver's albums but had little money and so never got there.

first beatles album i ever heard: my friend Kathy brought her sister's copy of "Sgt. Pepper" to a slumber party at my house when I was like 10. I was unimpressed with it then and i still am (except for the cover art).

first ROCK album i ever liked: when i was around 12 i found two comps, the doors "13" and that beatles record with them all staring off a balcony, at my aunt's house (probably left behind by same older cousin) and played them both nonstop and took them home with me when we left. i had the obligatory crush on jim morrison for years, it was trendy then as "No One Here Gets Out Alive" was in the process of coming out.

first album that made me forget everything else: Todd Rundgren's "Hermit of Mink Hollow", which I got for my 15th birthday and immediately decided was one of the greatest pop masterpieces ever recorded. actually i still feel that way.

first new wave/underground/alternative/ whatever-you-call-it album I bought: The Cure's "Boys Don't Cry" which I fished out of the unsorted bin at Melody Lane in Lakewood. they weren't at all popular then and I was so excited to find something I'd heard on WRUW, which tended to play imports that you could only find on Coventry Road (a place I'd never been at that point). my friend bought the first Teardrop Explodes album around the same time so we got together and listened to both albums and felt all cutting-edge and in-the-know and stuff. oddly enough given its pedestrian music selection, I remember Melody Lane had some pretty hip clerks because they would play albums by Magazine and Gruppo Sportivo as background music in the store, and I liked the music but didn't think to take note of the bands at the time so I only realized years later I'd heard those records in the store.

second album that made me forget everything else: Husker Du's "New Day Rising" which didn't leave my TT for about an entire year

album that made me cry: eh, most of them, for different reasons. to give a less personal example, I have a very vivid memory of drunkenly bawling to Pavement's "Crooked Rain Crooked Rain" because it seemed so...corporate.

album that made me realize rock n' roll wasn't dead after all: there were two, "Do the Collapse" and "Speak Kindly", both of which I got after suffering this bizarre ailment whereby I played an MP3 of "Choking Tara (Creamy Version)" absolutely nonstop for a full month, a process I was later to repeat with the import UTBUTS bonus version of "Game of Pricks". i was happy to meet other people who seemed to have the same "problem" as I was beginning to wonder (again) about my personal sanity at that point.

if you copy this meme, feel free to add your own "first album that made me..." etc.
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