no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

things that make you go LOL

that meme about "put a little fun fact about yourself in my comments so I can think oh, that's so-and-so, she likes spinach." um, hello, the reason we have journals and "friends lists" *barf* is ostensibly so we can READ each others' blogs and therefore get to know Little Fun Facts about each other. i guess i shouldn't laugh too hard given that i've had people keep my journal on their friends list for 2, 3 years while demonstrating in some fashion or other that they rarely, if ever, actually read any of it.

equally amusing are those people who leave little comments claiming they can't remember who certain folks on their friends list actually are, or how they "met"/ ended up on each others' lists. if you have 400 friends i can sort of understand this statement, but when it's coming out of folks with 50 names or less on their lists i have to wonder about people's memories, drug use, and why they even bother.
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