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yeah yeah i know

no one is interested in the Supreme Court Leak Scandal of 1919. You'd rather see me bitch someone out with hackneyed "creative insults", or threaten to kill myself with oxycontin because people made fun of my "Win a Date With Me" eBay auction like that chick over on and darksideofebay. Well, sorry kids, I'm more interested in dead bakery moguls who have their cremains secretly spread on the High Court lawn. Anyway Mr. Thievin' Law Clerk graduated from my very own law school. Man we sure put out some winners...Stephen Glass...John Dean anyone...yeah okay i know you're all too young to remember John Dean...i personally was shocked when he came to speak at the school and, uh, he was all old and gray and stuff when I constantly picture him like, 25 years old in a weird looking '70s suit. okay i'll shut up and go OD on that oxycontin go to bed now. buh-bye!
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