no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

favorites meme (this doesn't count as talking)

stolen from terry
What's your favorite...

Fruit? Cocktail in a can

Deceased U.S. President? Harry S. Truman

Photograph? The one in my user icon, by Bourke-White

Airplane? Boeing 747

TV show? Cops

King of England? Arthur

Queen of England? Elizabeth I

European country? U.K.

State of matter? Black hole

Element of the periodic table? Lead (it's got that funky nonsequitur Pb abbrev.)

Superfriend? Wonder Woman

Cereal? Cheerios

Historical figure? Churchill

Cheese? Feta, narrowly beating out large chunks of provolone drenched in vinaigrette and baked buttered brie

Aspect of the knee? Its ability to look cute peeking out from under a skirt or through torn jeans

Internal organ? Pancreas. It doesn't get enuf love.

External organ? Christ Church Cathedral has a pretty cool one

Musical instrument? Electric guitar

Non-swearing exclamation? Well, hush mah mouth.

Punctuation? ...

Current production automobile? Jeep Wrangler

Silent film star? Probably Keaton but I don't really like silent movies

Number between 1 and 10? 7

Coin? Morgan dollar or steel penny

Poem? Probably something I wrote myself. Or else that long one by Patti Smith

Flightless bird? PENGUIN!!

Flighted bird? Owl

Frightened bird? Scaring little birds does nothing for me, sorry

Frightening bird? The WMMS Buzzard from the 70's and 80's

Small furry animal? Guinea pig

Amusing/outlandish/frightening/bizarre fetish? Yeah like I'm really gonna post about something like that, guess again

Color? Multi

Color of M&M? Red (I can remember when Red M&M's were missing from the mix for like 10 years, not a pretty sight)

Metal? Sterling silver

Card out of a standard poker deck? The Ace of Spades

Public transportation? Metro

Oil company? Johnson and Johnson (for baby oil :P)

Interstate highway? I-90

Eating utensil? Spork

Anti-drug commercial? the one from the 60s that started out with a black jive talking guy at the playground calling out, "Gather 'round kiddies! The man with the goodies is here!"
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