no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Happiness Is EZ (knot)

aside from the emotional stress of holidays, and an occasional (like every couple weeks or so) Really Bad Day or Nite brought on by some trigger, I've been generally happy with life lately. the best part is learning to generate the Happy from within myself, and not "standing on someone else's doorstep waiting for honey", as Colin MacInnes put it. (Note to self: order used copy of Mr. Love and Justice, the third part of MacInnes's trilogy after City of Spades and the well-known Absolute Beginners. Oddly enough, Mr. Love and Justice was not, to my knowledge, re-released in Hip Modern Graphic-Covered Strew-around-your-futon-and-look-so-cool Large Format Paperback Form with the other two back in the 80's when Bowie and the Jam were re-popularizing Beginners, and I had to get Mr. Love and Justice from the library - amazingly, the Columbia Branch HAD it (!). I figured it was worth reading for the title alone, Love and Justice being two of my favorite themes, and it came rather witty about hypocrisy and social mores and suchlike. But I digress...)

It's a little trepidatious announcing that one is Happy because, life being what it is, something Unhappy is bound to happen at some point and knock you off your seat a bit. Kurdt Blowbrain noted that about once a year you lose a significant other, friend, job or whatever and that's when you start doing the H everyday. (I thought that was about the most intelligent statement in his overall rather silly published notebooks, although in his defense, he wasn't writing for publication, just for hisself.) So you have to accept that there's going to be a fly in the soup sometimes, although it gets a bit tiring when you get so many flies you can't tell them from the wontons. That's when you have to start eating at a different restaurant I guess. Plus there seem to be many Unhappy people in the world who enjoy seeing that other people are unhappy, misery-loves-company, and just can't stand the idea that Someone, or Me Specifically, might be enjoying life while they themselves are not. **Thumbs nose and flips off such people** Plus writing about Happiness just seems vapid compared with the depths of Sadness. Therefore I will stop pawing around in this sickie cotton-candy fluffiness for now and go be Happy and mark it on my calendar so when my pendulum swings t'other way, I won't forget that it's likely to swing right back.
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