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He's a drug store truck drivin' man...

A hearty public congratulations to Nik aka waxpumpkin on the latest issue of his zine, Ella Guru! Featuring an interview with Chris Connelly, and stories by Falling James and our very own slim_hazard, among other neat things. How cool is that? Very cool!!

I made an idiot of myself on the train laughing out loud at the Target and cake stories. got me in so good of a mood I didn't even mind Gwen Stefani crucifying a perfectly good old Talk Talk song on the radio. well didn't mind Too much anyway. (now you know why I constantly play the oldies station despite those depressing ads for MRIs and funeral parlors)

yeah, i think you have the germ of some good ideas there son...probably the flu virus. now just stop posting about your bowels and we'll get along great. bowels = cliche. bowels = EMO. now, everybody go buy a zine off nik or amble on down to chris's warped and get one, yeah you know where that is right.

(p.s. the fact that I get more excited over this stuff than I do over literary magazines, especially the oh-so-boringly-trendy ones like mcsweeneys, is just another indication of why i will clearly never accomplish ANYTHING in life... :P)

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