no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Posting on LiveJournal about LiveJournal

A locked post on LiveJournal is not a "public forum" to me. It is closer to an e-mail substitute or a private forum, unless perhaps the person keeping the journal has one of those 1000-person f(r)iends lists and most of them actually read the thing.

An unlocked post on LiveJournal is somewhat of a "public forum" to me, with the caveat that a personal LiveJournal is intended for the person using the journal to state their opinions, their feelings and the concept of the world according to Them, as much as they want to put on the public internet.

Unlike a listserv or a community journal, a personal journal is not subject to moderation by a group, except to the extent LiveJournal abuse wants to moderate it. This doesn't mean that one should expect to never receive criticism, but it does mean that criticism is less appropriate in the "Your Journal, Your Words" setting.

Your mileage may vary; it's not going to change my mind.
Feel free to criticize or call me whatever names you like in your very own journals. That's what they're there for, if that's what you want.

Thank you and have a pleasant day.
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